December 11, 2018


Celebrate the holidays with Schaffer!

‘Twas the holiday season and scurrying about

Were the Schaffer employees, time pressed and devout.

There were clients to confer with and menus to write

Before anyone settled down for a long winter’s night.

You think, “hire a caterer” and the planning is done

But that’s just our beginning to the start of the fun.

Operations starts in on all the nitty gritty,

From locations to lighting to make it all pretty.

The many helpers are working fast, long and hard

To plan the perfections that catch clients off guard.

Making moments and memories and Instagram fodder,

From Schaffer’s workshop to you, it’s really no bother.

The selections we curate from food through design,

All come to gather like the finest of wine.

Edible centerpieces, and our red wine gellee

Perfect charcuterie to make everyone’s day.

Canapes, bruschetta, sushi spheres galore,

That’s just the beginning, there’s so so much more.

Our cocktail concoctions will set your mood right,

Cricket hummus, or a Powerball, they’re all a delight.

We pickle the peppers and bounty of fall,

Guava BBQ or Vegan pizza? There’s something for all.

While it sounds so delicious on the culinary side,

There’s a ton of planning and preparation along for the ride.

Just know each perfect bite takes hours and hours,

To emerge from our kitchen with the decor and flowers.

Now Celebrity Chefs may get all of the glory,

But our team in the kitchen knows the real story.

They are ready to roll to the most adventurous locations,

Their nimble and able to work any station.

Feeding thousands of guests each event with a smile

Our crew is devoted and goes the extra mile.

Our servers are carefully chosen from every persuasion,

To match your brand, your company or fellow occasion.

They’re wearing tinsel-bright expressions and always know

Hospitality love is why we put on the show.

Behind the scenes, are many elves in our workshop

Working hard everyday making event magic nonstop.

They are the thankless many with the most magical dust

Cleaning and organizing and going for bust.

When you all settle down for your long winter’s sup.

Remember the many who helped fill your cup.

Feeding your belly and decorating you plates,

We are privileged to come to your homes, offices and gates.

The holidays are special to all of us here,

With that we wish you spectacular cheer.

From all of us at Schaffer, we are dimming the lights.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!