Schaffer’s Top Ten Los Angeles Wedding Venues

February 28, 2024


Over the years of working with wedding planners at countless Los Angeles venues, we’ve established some favorite locations that we’d love to recommend to the newly-engaged and those in their ‘planning phase.’ No matter what vibe you’re looking for, we have a place in mind.

Of course, no venue comes with at least one downside, which we’ve delicately labeled  as minor "challenges.” Enjoy! 

Garden Vibe: Rolling Greens on Mateo

Host the perfect wedding at this industrial-garden, indoor-outdoor event space in DTLA's vibrant Arts District. Ideal for a couple who wants to be nestled in elegance, tranquility with impeccable service. 

Challenge: There is no onsite kitchen and events with over 200 guests per contract will require a valet service.

Rooftop Wedding Vibe: Savanna Rooftop

The newest rooftop venue in Los Angeles with stunning panoramic views of downtown. Perfect for a couple looking to create a destination wedding experience with Tulum-inspired décor and a Mediterranean vibe. 

Challenge: The one downside is that setting up on a rooftop will obviously provide some challenges, both spatial and temporal, when going back and forth between the ground floor.

Shabby-Chic Vibe: SmogShoppe

A 100% solar powered, warm and inviting, indoor/outdoor wedding venue. This venue is perfect for the couple who has a love for vintage décor.  

Challenge: This venue hosts only smaller gatherings of about 100-150 guests.

Private Estate Vibe: The Paramour Estate

This 1920’s Historic Estate was previously known as the “Most beautiful home in Hollywood.” Perfect for the couple who seek a 19th Century Venetian-inspired wedding with a serene setting of fountains, terraces, and gardens surrounding the estate. 

Challenge: The property isn’t particularly customizable for each wedding, as every inch is designed with the utmost intention. It is the opposite of a blank canvas for those wedding planners that want to create their own space. 

Downtown Vibe: The Majestic

An architectural masterpiece located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Majestic is a historically preserved building, protected by the National Register of Historic Places. Perfect for the couple who are looking for a timeless and regal venue with the love of beautiful architecture.

Challenge: Not ideal for small weddings, as it’s a very large space to fill. 

Ocean View/Beachy Vibe: Grand View Malibu

Panoramic ocean views with a beach vibe located in Malibu, CA. The bride and groom should appreciate elegant décor and intimate surroundings.

Challenge: Difficult to get to and load into as it’s located at the top of a canyon. Best only for small weddings. 

Super Chic Iconic Hollywood Estate: The Dawnridge Estate

Amazing Private estate that facilitates bespoke intimate weddings for very clever, sophisticated couples. Guest counts should remain under 100, so intimacy is key.

Challenge: Not ideal for bands and DJs. There are neighborhood considerations and noise restrictions that will likely lead to complaints or a police visit. 

Hidden Gem: Serra on Vine

Serra on Vine is a hidden gem leaving a lasting impression on any guest. Its impeccable attention to detail makes this elegant space perfect for any couple seeking a luxurious event experience. It exudes sophistication and grandeur, and is the perfect destination for hosting unforgettable events

Challenge: Parking must be valet service only. 

Historic Garden Estate Vibe: The Houdini Estate

Experience the magic of century-old trees in acres long of wildlife, seasonally curated flowers, and a  three- story waterfall. This venue has historic charm that makes it a magical place for a wedding.

Challenge: A well planned load in and service plan is imperative to a successful event due to the multiple levels of this home. 

Modern industrial: Playa Studios

Curated with a mixture of modern, industrial, and eclectic design, the space breathes life into its former warehouse roots. The custom made bars, greenery, and artistic touches make this industrial space feel warm and inviting.

Challenge: Venue noise restrictions require doors to remain closed for the duration of the event.